You do not need to do anything before giving us a call. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions. You do not need a list of instruments before calling us, just a general idea of what you may have to trade-in. 

Nope! There is never a fee for The One Man Band to come to your school, whether you make a trade or not. 

Typically our appointments are scheduled within 2-3 weeks of talking with you. But we are flexible and can make arrangements for anytime that is convenient. 

Nope, our motto is “We Come to You!” We pick up the instruments on the same day as the appointment, so there is no need for boxing and shipping. We save you the cost and hassle! 

We have over 3,000 new and used instruments in stock at all times in our 30,000 square foot warehouse. We have all name brand instruments including Yamaha, Bach, King, Conn, Jupiter, Leblanc, Selmer, Benge, Bundy, Buffet, Renard, and many more. 

Yes! We have timpani, chimes, marimbas, xylophones, vibraphones, and sousaphones as well as 3 and 4 value tubas. 

The only thing we need you to have before you can book an appointment is approval for our visit. What that means is that you will need to contact either your principal, superintendent, school board, or comptroller. The approval can be verbal or written. This assures us that you have the authorization to sign the contract to make the trade on the same day we visit the school.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the instruments we trade with you. 

Nope! We tag all of the instruments you decide to trade-in before we leave.  And to save you even more work, once the instruments are back at our warehouse, we will create an itemized list of the instruments, brand names, and serial numbers. This will be send back to you within 4-6 weeks of the trade for your records. 

This is not a problem! We will travel to each location with you, eliminating the need for you to move and consolidate your instruments to one location. 

Your wish list is just an idea of what you may be trading and what you are looking for. We ask the band directors we work with to think about what their band really needs. Having this ahead of time gives us as better understanding of what you want and what the best options are for us to bring to the appointment. This also gives us the opportunity to make helpful suggestions and give you examples of what we can do for you. 

Yes we do! We have done numerous school systems with great success. Please give us a call for more details on how we can support your school system. 

Yes, we have local, regional, and national references available upon request. 

If you received our postcard, than yes you are in the right place! We recently gave our website a makeover, so welcome to our new site! Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.



Send us an email or give us a call! 

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